Mainland Pouākai

The Mainland Pouākai are the team representing the Upper South region in the GJ Gardner Homes Tauihi Basketball Aotearoa competition.  

We are looking forward to having you part of the Mainland Pouākai family. 

Rise. Together

Why the Mainland Pouākai name?

The Mainland is considered the most common label for the combined region of Canterbury, Tasman and the West Coast. The Pouākai were indigenous to the Mainland Takiwa and were revered by Maori and symbolised in song and tribal narrative. The Pouākai was said to have been one of the most magnificent birds to have existed in Aotearoa, Given the Pouākai’s reverence and mana/status within the Mainland takiwa, we couldn’t think of a better representation to symbolize the franchise’s values and principles as we enter the new league. We believe the Pouākai has the potential to inspire and build a strong sense of mana and regional cohesion across the takiwa, whom will be strong with a team that is majestic and powerful on the court.